Veggie Box

The 2019 Veggie Box is available from June 28 to November 8.

Reserve the island’s freshest vegetables and microgreens for pick-up every Saturday or get them bike-delivered to your home hours after the Friday harvest. Sign up now or any time this summer using our BRAND NEW online ordering system:

The new ordering system allows you to choose either Weekly or Bi-Weekly (twice per month) Veg Boxes from island growers Good Earth Farm, Heart & Soil Farm, and Little Greens. The cost per Veg Box is $24 and home delivery by Pepper the electric cargo bike is $4.

You can also add Microgreens to your Veggie Box for $10 per week: These baby edible versions and sprouts of many common vegetables and herbs contain up to 10 times the nutrients of a full-grown plant.

Click here to become a Gabriola Food Hub member and see all of your options for delicious, fresh food grown in ecologically responsible ways.

The Gabriola Food Hub is a local business that is bringing together amazing Gabriola farms and connecting them to more people here on our island. We are 100 per cent local. We are combining our efforts in order to better serve our community and pool our abundant diversity of vegetable and fruit crops. We call our CSA Box the ‘Veg Box,’ and it will run for 20 weeks.


Each Veggie Box will include 6 – 8 different fresh vegetables Grown Right Here on Gabriola. Veg Box customers will be receiving the crème of our seasonal crops: We always prioritize our Box customers so if there is a limited supply of favourites like snap peas or strawberries, you get them first.

It’s always difficult to say if a box is enough vegetables for a certain number of people for one week- it really depends on how many veggies you eat! We encourage our members to think of our Harvest Box as a base: a good start to eating fresh, local vegetables, but they may still decide to buy extra veggies at the farmer’s market or grocery store.

Here is a list of some vegetables you can expect to see:
•    carrots
•    summer squash
•    beans
•    kale
•    eggplant
•    beets
•    cabbage
•    cauliflower
•    cucumbers
•    garlic
•    salad greens
•    fennel
•    kohlrabi
•    sweet onions
•    leeks
•    lettuce
•    potatoes
•    tomatoes