Winter Veggie Box

A Gabriola Island favourite is back: The Winter Veggie Box.

Available on one day and one day only each year. A selection of island-grown vegetables that are perfect for storing and powering meals throughout the winter and holiday season.

We plan the Winter Boxes from the start of the year, planting crops that will be ready for you in mid-November. This year’s boxes — plus truly yummy honey from Gabriola’s own Brenda’s Bees and nutritious power packs from Little Greens’ Microgreens — will be available for pick-up and delivery on Saturday November 16. Click here to make your order now.

There are three options — a Greens Box ($20), and two storage crop favourites, the $100 Winter Box and the $50 Winter Box.

1. Greens Box ($20)
Kale, chard, leeks and more grown right here by Heart & Soil Farm and Good Earth Farm. There are only 20 available for the amazing price of $20 ($4 delivery).

2. Winter Box ($50)
Carrots, beets, rutabaga, leeks, squash, parsnips, celeriac, allium mix (garlic from Elgie Road Farm, shallots & onions). There are 20 available, and delivery is $4.

3. Winter Box ($100)
Larger volume of certain items in the $50 box, and more variety. This is perfect for storing and using over the holiday period. There are 20 up for grabs, and even though they weigh about 40 lbs, delivery is still $4.

Add Brenda’s Bees honey to your order, in two sizes: 750ml ($30) or 375ml ($15). Plus the nutrition-packed sprouts and shoots in Microgreens ($10).

Place your order now and reserve great tasting local food grown with love and care by Gabriola farmers using this link:

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