Order your Veg Box now!

The 2019 Veg Box is available from June 28 to November 8.

The Veg Box is the Food Hub’s customer-supported agriculture program. It lets you reserve Gabriola’s freshest vegetables and microgreens for pick-up on Saturday or get them bike-delivered to your home hours after the Friday harvest. Sign up now or any time this summer using our BRAND NEW online ordering system:


The new ordering system allows you to choose either Weekly or Bi-Weekly (twice per month) Veg Boxes from island growers Good Earth Farm, Heart & Soil Farm, and Little Greens. The cost per Veg Box is $24 and home delivery by Pepper the electric cargo bike is $4.

You can also add Microgreens to your Veg Box for $10 per week: These baby edible versions and sprouts of many common vegetables and herbs contain up to 10 times the nutrients of a full-grown plant.

Click here to become a Gabriola Food Hub member and see all of your options for delicious, fresh food grown in ecologically responsible ways.

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