Pepper is back


The Gabriola Food Hub has been under construction, fixing up cargo bikes and distribution channels, and we’re so excited about the arrival of Summer 2019.

We have partnered with @LocalFoodMarketplace to build a new online shopping cart for produce and products — and take the Food Hub to the next level. Very, very soon it will be even easier to buy food grown right here on #Gabriola and have it bike delivered fresh to homes, stores and restaurants. We are talking Super-Hyper-Local.

And yes, that means Pepper the electric cargo bike is back in action. Before we bought our new bike trailer, the heavy goodness of our island vegetables overloaded a bearing ring and sent Pepper into the repair shop. It took some time, but Pepper is reborn: Version 2.3 has vastly improved battery storage, a sleeker deck, and more power to help us deliver the weekly Veg Box to every corner of Gabriola Island.

Our Weekly Veg Box program is going full voltage ahead. We have the pleasure of working with with and @good_earth_farm again this year to deliver the most beautiful, local and freshest vegetables on the island. Join us for 21 weeks of Gabriola-grown goodness; sign-up available next week.

As well, there are some new players in the Gabriola food scene this year and we are very excited to be working with, who will be making great food with huge amounts of local vegetables at the Farmer’s Market on Saturdays, and, the island’s new food truck, which will be at Silva Bay all summer long.  

It’s going to be a great year, and it’s launching super hyper soon.

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